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entree meal at the Roadvale Hotel

Starters Menu

Fermented Grain Sourdough Bread (V) (VO) $16.5
Smoked butter and red onion jam


Cherry Tomato Bruschetta (V) $16.5

Fresh mozzarella, balsamic and basil oil
Creamy Mushroom Soup with Charred Sourdough (V)$14.5

With pepitas

1/2 Dozen Coffin Bay Oysters 
Naural with horseradish and finger lime dressing (GF) (DF) $26

Kilpatrick (GF (DF) $30

Ham Hock and Pork Belly Terrine (GF) $22
Tumeric pickled cauliflower, seeded mustard cream, watercress oil

Smoked Salmon $22
Pickled fennel and cucumber, finger lime dressing, watercress and potato crisps

(VO) Vegan Option, (V) Vegetarian, (GF) Gluten Free, (DF) Dairy Free

Some meals can be adapted to your dietary requirements, so please enquire

Menus subject to change without notice

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