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The Roadvale Hotel lunch menu

Bar Snacks Menu

Available from 11.30am Wed-Sun

􀀄􀆌􀆚􀅚􀆵􀆌􀀃􀀒􀅯􀅝􀇀􀄞􀍛􀆐􀀃􀀒􀄂􀆌􀆌􀅽􀆚􀀃􀄂􀅶􀄚􀀃􀀦􀄞􀆌􀅵􀄞􀅶􀆚􀄞􀄚􀀃􀀧􀆌􀄂􀅝􀅶􀀃􀁞􀅽􀆵􀆌􀄚􀅽􀆵􀅐􀅚􀀃􀀾􀅽􀄂􀄨􀀃􀎨􀏭􀏰 Bowl of Fries  $10

With aoli
􀁗􀅽􀆚􀄂􀆚􀅽􀀃􀄂􀅶􀄚􀀃Bowl of Olives (GF) (DF) $8

Rocket pesto and pepitas

Mushroom, Pea and Mozzarella Arancini Balls (6) (V) $12 

With Aoli

Chicken Wings $12 

Cajun spice, ranch sauce


Ploughman's Board $28

Ham, cheddar, grapes, antipasto􀀼􀄂􀅯􀄏􀄂􀆌􀀃􀅯􀄞􀅐􀀃􀀬􀄂􀅵􀍕􀀃􀆐􀅵􀅽􀅬􀄞􀄚􀀃􀄐􀅚􀄞􀄚􀄚􀄂􀆌􀍕􀀃􀅐􀆌􀄂􀆉􀄞􀆐􀍕􀀃􀅚􀅽􀆵􀆐􀄞􀀃􀆉􀅝􀄐􀅬􀅯􀄞􀄚􀀃􀇀􀄞􀅐􀄞􀆚􀄂􀄏􀅯􀄞􀆐, mustard, sourdough

Crumbed Pork Riblets (3)􀀃􀎨􀏮􀏲 $14
Sweet chilli and ginger dressing

􀀃􀁤􀄂􀆐􀅵􀄂􀅶􀅝􀄂􀅶􀀃􀁞􀄂􀅯􀅵􀅽􀅶􀀃Toasted Ham and Cheese and Tomato  $12 
On sourdough, tomato relish

Cheeseburger $14

Pickles, onion, ketchup and mustard


(VO) Vegan Option, (V) Vegetarian, (GF) Gluten Free, (DF) Dairy Free

Some meals can be adapted to your dietary requirements, so please enquire

Menus subject to change without notice

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